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Dr. Brandon’s mission is to provide affordable, ethical, and exceptional care to his patients. Through his time based model of care he can provide affordable wellness care as well as complex sports or neurological care that typically cost several hundreds of dollars per hour.


Dr. Brandon utilizes a variety of tools to be able to help people achieve their greatest level of health. Adjustment techniques include diversified, activator, and drop techniques. Along with more gentle mobilizations. Dr. Brandon has advanced extremity experience and graduated with a Doctorate of Chiropractic with Sports Emphasis

Dr. Brandon has plenty of tools to treat despite being a mobile clinic. From myofascial release tools, speciality electronic stimulation, cold laser therapy, and much more.  

Neurological rehab involves in-depth neurological exam often resulting in the rehabilitation of eye movements, specific body-based neurological functions, and vestibular fucntions.

Chiropractic in your Home and Office

Dr. Brandon grew up in Glencoe Minnesota. When he graduated high school he was originally going to go to school for philosophy and join the Marine Corps reserves. Upon some reflection he quickly realized he would have serious “what if’s” in his life if he didn’t pursue active duty Marine Corps. So he enlisted for 5 years as an infantry man with an anti-tank specialty. A year after joining the Marines Dr. Brandon went to Afghanistan to serve in the Sangin Valley of Helmand Province. After his year long deployment (which is rare in the Marine Corps) he went back to the states. It was on his return where he met his now wife. Dr. Brandon won numerous meritorious awards while in the Marine Corps. He also completed his associate’s degree while running training to support over 1,000 Marines in his battalion, and running a section of Marines in his platoon.

After a brief associate doctor position, Dr. Brandon realized that he could not reconcile his desire to care for people and the 2-7 minute appointment times that were being pushed for. So he problem solved. The mobile clinic model is one that allows Dr. Brandon to prioritize patients and keep cost low. Dr. Brandon chose to also contract with Chiroport to be able to be that positive impact for travels when they need it most. This also allows Dr. Brandon to be able to truly put patient needs first in his mobile clinic.

In his off time Dr. Brandon spends time with is wife and son at his home in Ramsey, MN.

Client Testimonials

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After having had back and hip pain for over 2 months, I happened to come across Dr. Brandon Allen while transitioning through Minneapolis Airport and boy, am I glad I did! He quickly diagnosed the issue and got to work. After the session, I felt MUCH better and the stretches he showed me to do has helped out too. I will definitely go see him again next time I transition through the area.

Conny F
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Dr. Brandon is amazing, he knows where the pain is and takes care of it, it is fair to say that he is the pain killer lol. I had a right shoulder issue and pain for a while and haven’t felt any better, he is worth anyone’s time, promise you. My whole family works with him at least 2-3 times monthly. Thank you for all you do Dr. Brandon, we really appreciate you.

Ibrahim D

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