Add value to your business by adding value to your employees

Chiropractic in your home or place of work

Dr. Brandon will drive to you to provide adjustments or rehab inside of your home or place of work. This has the significant benefit of being able to see what may or may not be contributing factors to any conditions you may be experiencing. This allows Dr. Brandon to make immediate and well-informed recommendations.

Client Testimonials

What our clients say...

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Dr. Allen comes to our small business to adjust/treat any employees that want to be seen.  His mobile service makes it really convenient for everyone to get treated without a lot of time-off.  And everyone gets excited when they see the reminder that Dr. A is coming!  He has a very personal style.  He focuses on what is bothering each individual and has a variety of tools and methods to get the job done. Flexible, Attentive, Professional.

Darcy H.
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There are no words to describe Dr. Allen. As a chiropractor, I’m blown away!  His techniques and attention to detail, paired with his knowledge, expertise, and care for his patients, has our entire office looking forward to our appointments with him. As a person, Brandon is polite, considerate, and value driven. He is very personable and I’m happy to have him as my chiropractor!

Nathan Novak

Benefits of Chiropractic Done Differently

Benefits to Culture
  1. Create a workplace where employees feel valued. Employees that are valued are retained longer and happier.

  2. Create an environment where people are the priority, creating thankful employees.

  3. Demonstrate that quality of life of employees is important and respected.
Benefits to Employers
  1. Employees that feel better and feel valued work better and happier. This reduces expensive turn over and retains talent

  2. Reduce workplace injuries through ergonomics and early management 

  3. Offering an affordable employee benefit with a huge impact.
Benefits to Employees
  1. Unbiased healthcare provider, no selling. Ensuring patient centered care and no predatory work comp claims.

  2. Free or reduced cost care to employee. Based off of flexible options that you get to choose.

  3. Saves time outside of work. Decreasing stress and time off.

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Chiropractic adjustments are a safe and effective way of restoring proper joint function



Fascia Work

Sometimes the connective tissue over the muscle needs to be released. This is often pretty intense work with relatively instant gratification. Most conditions only need a few treatments

Muscle Work

Often times some focused muscle work helps adjustments work better and longer. Reducing soreness from injuries or from “settling into the adjustment”


Ergonomic Assessments

Make sure your employees are taking care of their body while they work reducing work place injuries


  • Cost per adjustment as low as $40
  • Hourly rate options for 15+ employees getting treated
  • Split employer/employee cost options

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